Chapter 1

After finishing your time in Training, you were thrown into the army at Southern Command.

Special Tactics

Your unit within Southern Command.

  • Captain Jo- Your 8 fingered Captain and Commander of Southern Command’s Special Forces.
  • Corporal Cyrus – A powerful force within Special Tactics and your adoptive Captain. He was one of the few people you did not actively despise.

Other members of Special Tactics

  • Corporal Len – Your direct superior and Jo’s lap dog, he is a reprehensible and disgusting excuse of a human.
  • Captain Andrew Fix – Captain of B Company and a general waste of space.
  • Foxtail – Member of Special Tactics, so named for his love of foxy women.
  • Ox – An over violent, over-sized soldier, with a love of wrestling.
  • Quentin – The right hand of Corporal Cyrus, Quentin was a decent soldier.


Your first mission as soliders, Steedcross was an important bridge which you destroyed to ensure that it could not be used by the Vartian army.

  • Ned Ce’ Grey – the Mayor of Steedcross.
  • Marcia – His wife.
  • Thom Bridger – The caretaker of the bridge and a former soldier for Earl Gray. Deceased.
  • Owen and Ben Farmer – Two boys of Steedcross.
  • Mandy and Sally – a woman and her child, staying at the Inn in Steedcross.
  • Gerald and Betty – other residents of Steedcross who have close ties to House Gray.


A small town under House Dufton where the party was deployed to protect a shipment of food.

  • Earlessa Miranda Dufton – The ruler of the city, an elderly woman with no heir.
  • Gra – the Goblin innkeeper of The Shallows Inn.
  • Hamnet – Head of the Caravan
  • Helen of Intelline – a member of Hanean Intelligence, assigned to disrupting the plans of the Talnathean Empire
  • Trina – a cat trainer and rebel
  • Mayor Cassandra ne’Dufton – Mayor of Riverwalk.
  • Sister Luli – priestess of Billinton
  • Captain of the Guard of Riverwalk – Calvin’s mortal, yet nameless enemy
  • Gene – an herbalist

Fort Copped

The Fort which your were commanded to fortify and rebuild and which you eventually deserted to the Vartian army.

  • Delcor – a wounded soldier you rejected as your manager.
  • Peter & Cassidy – soldiers of Special Tactics who had deserted the war and took the fort for refuge.
  • Eugene and Genie Miner – copper miners close to the Fort. Genie left to join the party.
  • Beth and Karen Farmer – farmers close to the Fort. Karen left to join the party.
  • Jill Farmer – a wealthy dowager with a slight mental derangement and lust for Koram.
  • Bill Hunter – proprietor of a small hunting camp close to the Fort.
  • Andrew and Abel Hunter – An old hunter who assists the Fort in their attack against Orcs in return for an arranged date between his son Abel and Nix.
  • Stanuel’s Family – a group of travellers with a brat of a child. Stanuel and his wife Lisbet and their children Mark, Parnie, Holden, Zeke, Xavier, and Molle.
  • Deserters – Mack and 50 other soldiers from Northern Command who abandoned the war and are making their way south. They assisted in the defeat of the Orcs before moving on.

Southern Orcs

You happened upon a powerful and surprisingly well organized tribe of Orcs with whom you quarreled.

  • Chief Bull – the large, powerful Orc Chieftan who attacks you and whom you eventually defeat, deep under ground. Deceased.
  • Bek – one of Bull’s chief lieutenants, who eventually turns on Bull and helps to kill him, dying in the process. Deceased.
  • Dies – another of Bull’s chief lieutenants. Deceased.
  • Ohgroke – the Giant Lion who was Bull’s pet and slave.

The Cult of the Beast

A Cult that lives deep underground, breeds and cultivates beasts for the glory of Gintred.

  • The Squire – an enigmatic old cultist who bestowed the Bow of the Hunter upon you as the Gift.

Rugsack and the Manor of House Fix

A small village within Varte and the mansion where Calvin and Alice met with Lord Robin Stephan at the request of Felicia Dixon

  • Aunt T – proprietor of The Pony Tail Inn
  • Governor Ballantine the Red – the Governor of a minor coastal city of the Thousand Kingdoms called Port Moresby.
  • Master Maglan Alphonsus Jedalia – The man you first met as the befuddled “Jed” is actually a high ranking Talnathean official. He is a Servant of the Empire, Master of the 3rd Sea, Mechant of the Nine Silks Guild and Son of the Blood. He also appears to be interested in destabilizing the region.
  • Madame Andrea de’Sapphyn – A highly regarded Order of the Sword and the Aunt of the current Sovereign of Han.
  • Indak Tooyou – a Tribesman and friend of Lord Robin Stephan.
  • Lord Robin Stephan – son of Duke Alton Stephan and a world-reknown jouster and warrior.
  • Gerald de’Grey – Friend of Lord Robin and a former member of House Grey of Calindrost.
  • Lady Frankie (Francine) Odronic – onetime consort of Lord Robin and the third daughter of House Odronic of the Northern Marches
  • Captain Douglas Val’Stephan – a local military leader.
  • Earl Donald Sterling – Earl of Bay and ruler of Bridgeside, the southernmost point of Varte and one of the few bridges across the River Darme.
  • Minor Nobles – Calvin in particular also met with various nobles and named persons, notably Bryan Colt, Hal Ferryman, and Lord Jay Sun.

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Chapter 1

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