Chief Bull



Tall and vaguely beastial, Chief Bull towers above normal humans. His bald head is rare, though not unheard of among orcs. He appears strong even among others of his kind, bearing the scars of many battles. He has small, intelligent black eyes.


Chief Bull brought a small band of southern Orcs north into Calindrost for unknown reasons. There, he has led many raids and has become a powerful force. His rise to power was mysterious and unforeseen. A year away from the orc tribe led to a tremendous rise in strength and he has had uncommon intelligence and cunning amongst his kin.

Relationship to You

Chief Bull was your rival. He wanted the Bow of the Hunter more than you do, and was driven to get it. That turned out to be his undoing, as he was killed by Koram and by his own Lieutenant in the City of the Hunter, a holy play of Gintred.

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Chief Bull

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