Dice Modifications

Dice Modifications (This Section Pending)

Applying Penalties

There are times where players take a penalty to their die pool.

Expert Die

The expert die is dropped first

Master Die

The Master Die is dropped last

Applying Special Die to Multi-Action Penalties

If the character has a master die in both skills used in a multi-action they can choose which skill to apply the Master die. If only one skill has a master die, they may still use the Master Die, but it will only apply to the skill that has the Master Die.

Surplus Dice

There are times where skills and situational bonuses will push a character’s pool to greater than 10d. These need to be declared before the roll. This is at the same rate and can be combined with willpoints. The first raise (to each category) cost 1 point/die, the second costs 2 points/dice (for a total of 3), third costs 3 points/dice (for a total of 6), etc.

Offset penalties

Can offset the die penalty of a multi-action penalty.

Increase Width for Damage

Extra dice can be applied to width of the roll for the purpose of Damage.

Increase Width for Speed

Extra dice can be applied to width of the roll for the purpose of Timing.

Increase Height

Extra dice can adjust the height by 1 per die.

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Dice Modifications

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