The Barony of Galah is a coastal province. The east is bordered by the Bay of Sarat, opening into the Wide Ocean. The south is bordered by Calindrost. The west is bordered by the Northern section of Varte. The north is bordered by the River of Gold to the west and the Duchy of Sterline to the northeast.

Ruling Family

The House of Karle rules Galah.


Galah is chiefly known for exporting wheat and cotton. It also has considerable trade from shipping, particularly by groups unwilling to pay the high tariffs to ship into Sterline.

Galah also allows their famed Galatian Heavy Infantry to be used as mercenaries.

Lastly, the Karle family is well known for its skill with numbers. Hence, part of its economy is simply being superior traders.

Points of Interest

City of Flowers

The primary port into Galah, located along the coast. It is a spread out city, with tremendous gardens. It is also the city which houses the Church of the Fool, the home of followers of Fallath.


The primary city along the River of Gold and the seat of the Barony. This is the seat of Karle power.

The Silver Highway

The road that connects the City of Flowers and Karleton is a well traveled highway, with deep grooves, made at a non-standard width, allows for House Karle to control the trade that moves from the port in the City of Flowers to the river port in Karleton.

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