Hero's Moot

Hero’s Moot is a place for the skilled and adventurous of Algalon to meet and discuss past and present events. Once, it was strictly for drinking, dancing, and storytelling, but it has become more political over time. Now, it is a way to have political discussions without political ramifications. The words of a Hero are imminently deniable, but are also very persuasive. It allows the true issues, not the political or economic issues, to come to light.

These are the attendees at the Wedding of Koram:

Heroes of Sterline

Lady Melissa Leonis

  • Sister of Duke Sebastian Leonis.
  • Almost never seen or spoken of in Sterline.
  • Is actively working towards unification.

Heroes of the Church

Brother Zacharias Holy

  • The unofficial head of the House of Holy.
  • Brother of Lady Wilhelma Venis and Lord William Sapphyn
  • A strangely warlike priest of Tallif.
  • Is actively working towards unification.

Heroes of Han

Lady Rebecca Dinras

  • The head of Hanean Intelligence’s internal clandestine operation.
  • Has a particular disdain for lazy nobility.
  • Is actively working towards unification.

Dame Andrea De’Sapphyn

  • A Knight of the Order of the Sword, retired from active service.
  • The sister of the current Sovereign of Han.
  • Was present at a meeting between Calvin and Baron Robin Stephan regarding the oncoming threat of the Tribes.
  • Spoke with Beks.

Baron Talbert Sapphyn

  • The son of the current Sovereign of Han.
  • Has not been talked to.

Heroes of the Kingdom of Pembroke

Lady Rachel Boothe

  • Called the “Boot”
  • Has not been talked to.
  • Actively working against an anti-Pembroke coalition.
  • Being countered by Beks.

Lord Baron Anders Tonis

  • The father of Baronet Vidrik Tonis.
  • A stern military man.
  • Explained that the King would back unification if the realms unite under the banner of Pembroke.
  • Spoke with Vidrik

Heroes of Leyovia

Baron Brady Pepis

  • The younger brother of Lady Captain Pepis, the ruler of Pepis.
  • Is a formidable and charismatic warrior.
  • Backs unification if it works to keep Leyovia free of Pembroke.
  • Spoke with Vidrik

The Magician

  • Has not been talked to.
  • Ax indicates a disagreement between Baron Pepis and the Magician.
  • Pleasing on the eye.
  • Cannot actually perform magic.
  • Spoke with Lady Amanda


  • Comes from an Island Nation of warriors.
  • Probably a viking.
  • Wants to drink and throw hammers.
  • Does not give to fucks about unification.
  • Spoke with Nix

Heroes of Holdsfast

Captain Henry Sargratha

  • Leads an elite band of warriors.
  • Is making his first trip south of the Borderlands.
  • Is interested in the outcome of unification talks, but wants assurances that it does not threaten the North.
  • Told San that the northern realms do not trust the southern lands consolidation and believe that it will threaten their independence. But, will not stand in the way if it is to fight a larger threat.
  • Spoke with Ava
  • Spoke with San

Earl Dominic Tallasi

  • House Tallasi is made up of an old Tribe of the Ashenath Plains.
  • Is considered a master strategist.
  • Has not been talked to.

Lady “Bit” Stone

  • Famous explorer of the North
  • Does not want to be here.
  • Suggested that people may end up physically harmed when others make them safer, and that such an act is not “violence.”
  • Spoke with San

Heroes of Galah

Earlessa Dalia Karle

  • Sister of Baron William Karle
  • Has not been talked to.

Baron Evan Odronic

  • His maiden name is Bittle of Smuggler’s Cove
  • The husband of the current Duke of the Northern Marches.
  • Suggested that House Bittle should take over Calindrost, either jointly or as part of Galah. Suggested that may be the desired position of the Kingdom of Pembroke as well.
  • Is cynical about politicians, but otherwise seems nice.
  • Spoke with Nix

General William Eton

  • Training Officer of the original party (now just Nix and Calvin)
  • A General of Galah, instrumental in the fall of Calinport.
  • Relayed that his presence serves to enamor the party to House Karle.
  • Spoke with Nix

Heroes of the Thousand Kingdoms

Lord Redin

  • Is the son of the Governor of Ballantine.
  • Has red hair.
  • Is concerned about the influence of a nation regarding trade.
  • Ballantine is believed to be a trading partner of everyone and anyone.
  • Spoke with Ava.

Earl Allisander JiuJiu

  • Probably from the City-State of Jiu Jiu
  • Has not been talked to.

Valessia of Lochmoor

  • A noble of the central part of the southern lands.
  • Spoke with Lady Melissa.

Heroes of Erihurst

Lady Wilhelma Venis

  • Wife of the Lord General Antonius Venis, the ruler of Erihurst
  • Sister of Brother Zacharias and Lord William Sapphyn.
  • Was a Priestess of Tarc and a Sister of the Blade.
  • Spoke with Calvin

Lord Zeke Venis

  • The son of Wilhelma
  • Said to have killed a Giant (not a true giant, obviously).
  • Spoke with Lady Amanda


  • Foreigner from somewhere to the west.
  • Comes from a culture of duelists.
  • Stands taller than everyone else.
  • Killed a dragon?!
  • Comes from a place called Tarcland
  • Spoke with Calvin. Dueled Calvin and appeared impressed by Calvin. Calvin lost.

Heroes of Varte

Lady Amanda Destrier

  • A famed archer.
  • A companion and friend of Duke Robin Stephan
  • Is actively working for unification.


  • A tribesman who serves Duke Robin.
  • Witnessed the troubling events during the Conclave of the Tribes.
  • Is actively working for unification.

Sir Maxwell the Bold

  • A former Knight of dubious quality.
  • Has served in multiple Orders, but never invited to serve on the Order of the Sword.
  • Does not really want to talk about politics.
  • Spoke with Ava

Hero's Moot

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