Like many of the other significant Houses, Karle was a prominent manager within Sterline when it was held as an outpost for the Talnathean Empire. Lord Karle, called Lord Gold at times, effectively managed the treasury even after the Empire lost its hold on the region. Eventually, they bought lands to the south of Sterline from Lord Leonis and Lord Stephan and created the Barony of Galah.


Baron William Karle

Baron Karle is a man of middle age. He had, for a time, sat on the Order of Swords, a powerful group of Knights, but had left the Order when his brother, the Baron, had died.

Baroness Jillian Karle nee Bittle

Baroness Jillian is a quiet, vapid woman. Baron William’s second wife, she is the eldest daughter of Baron Bittle of Smuggler’s Cove.

Baronet Kyle Karle

The Heir to the Barony of Galah, Kyle is a mere 7 years old.


The only relationships you are aware of is between House Karle and House Bittle which is a solid relationship; and between House Calinda and House Karle which is rocky, due to the marriage of Jillian and William.

Relationship to you

House Karle is unaware of your existence.

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