Will power represents a soldier’s extra reserve of strength that can be summoned in the most dire of situations. Players have access to additional dice that can be used to reduce damage or increase their chance of success.

Basic Rule
The stat is a derived stat comprised of a player’s Charm and Command attributes.
A player may have Will Power Points from 0 to twice your Willpower stat.

Will Power can be rolled as a stat, if an extra reserve of energy is needed, or for psychological trauma that you must push through.

This stat cannot be used for rolls that are passive in nature, so sight/hearing are usually not going to get willpower, neither would dodge rolls for something you were unaware of (think reflex check).


Increase Success

Prospectively (before the roll) a player can declare that they are spending willpower points. 1 point equals 1 additional die. This can be done to offset penalties or increase your dice pool, but cannot raise a pool above 10 dice.

Increase Results (This Section Pending)

Prospectively (before the roll) a player can declare that they are spending willpower points to increase the speed, damage, or height of the result. The first raise (to each category) cost 1 will point, the second costs 2 points (for a total of 3), third costs 3 points (for a total of 6), etc. This can be combined with Surplus Dice.

Shrug or Shift Damage

Will Power Points can be spent to shrug damage off or to contort your body to take damage to a different location.

1 Point:
To shrug Shock Damage or to move Killing Damage from one body location to an adjacent body location.
2 Points:
To turn Killing Damage into Shock Damage.

These forms of damage reduction can be spent in any logical combination.

Avoiding Death (This Section Pending)

Characters can spend Will to avoid a killing blow.

Gaining Willpower Points

Willpower Points are not static, but increases or decreases. There are three ways to increase Willpower Points.

Every player starts with their Will Power in Points, but there is no reset for long rests. There will be an assumption that an extended period will involve enough rolls that you will be brought back up to your Will Power in Points, but you would not lose points over that time. Generally, this would be a month of time or so.

Critical Success

Reign does not have a “critical success” roll, though a 2×10 will normally beat any difficulty. To compensate, an unassisted 2×10 or greater recharges that player and a Willpower Point is awarded.

Fidelity to Character

Playing to your Character’s motivations can come to 3 Will Power Points at the end of a session. Unless there was exceptional fidelity which led to hardship, most sessions will end with 2 points. Generally, 1 point to be awarded for following the top Virtues and 1 for ignoring the bottom Virtues.

Raising Charm or Command
Using experience to raise a Charm or Command attribute comes with a free Willpower point.

Ways you cannot get Willpower Points.
You cannot buy Willpower Points with experience.
You cannot sleep and regain Willpower Points.

Just a clarification and a hope that people will remind me to be consistent.
Unaided rolls at 2×10 earn a point of Willpower. Aid means: another character lends a +1, you get the other 10 via an Expert Die or Master Die, or you spend willpower.

Aid DOES NOT mean:
You gain a bonus die from situational bonuses, from esoteric or martial disciplines, or from excellent role play. So, a memory check (Knowledge +3) is not aided. Saying, in character, before being prompted to make a sight check: “I’m looking for anyone wearing red, because I think that gang is going to show up” and I give you a +1 to the roll because there is, in fact, a gang member lurking about, also is not aided.

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