Algalon is neatly divided into thirds by two major rivers, the River of Gold and the River Darme. To the east, the Bay of Sarat provides protection for many realms and it empties out into the Wide Ocean. South of Darme is the Thousand Kingdoms, a series of realms and strongholds divided by the miles and miles of river. It is bordered to the south by the Deadly Swamp.

In between the rivers is the Ashenath Plains and the Tribes that live there. West of the Plains is Gy’thal, the Forest of Green and the Gold Mountains. To the east is where you live, the lands settled by Talnath.

North of the River of Gold are fertile farmlands, and the northern lands, bisected by the Iron Mountains, home of the Dwarves of the Iron Kingdom. East of the mountains lie the harsh Lands of the North, protected and isolated by the Borderlands. West of the mountains are the Frozen Wastes.


Algalon is a mixture of three basic cultures. The indigenous people who resided here in crude villages and huts, valuing independence and hard work, but conservative to a fault. The settlers of the Talnathean Empire, who value progress and intellect. The Tribes of the Ashenath Plains, people who fled the advance of the Talnathean Empire when it threatened their nomadic existence.

Generally, humans speak the same language and act in a manner that is compatible to each other. Elves and Dwarves have their own, insular cultures.


There are many races on Algalon, each with their own sphere of influence or culture. Humans are dominant among the races. There are no races thought of as “evil” or “good” per se, but certain race carry certain characteristics.

Key World Concepts

There are several key concepts of Calindrost and Algalon that you should familiarize yourself with. They are denoted below, with more description available by wiki. They need not be memorized.


The political divisions of Algalon are many and varied. Along the Bay of Sarat and the River of Gold, there are many different realms of political sovereignty that vie for power within Algalon.

Being Named

Family names are reserved for the upper class. A serf or peasant goes by their surname and their profession (e.g. Jeff Farmer, Mary Smith, Henry Tailor). A solider goes by their rank and surname (Captain Alfred, Sergeant Johanna). Being named means that you are prominent, but not necessarily Noble.


Algalon, like medieval times, has Orders of Knights. Knights are given special respect and lenience, and depending on the region, are considered above the law. It doesn’t matter how much armor you wear, or how powerfully you swing a battle axe, unless you are inducted into an Order, you are not a knight. Though rare, the unnamed can become knights. Generally, Knights must forgo their family name upon swearing an oath of fidelity to the Order.


Houses, or families, hold a powerful position. A House denotes the ruling branch of a named family and has rights of nobility. A House is generally headed by the highest ranking noble in the family, and they can set policy and tactics for the hole House. Generally, your highest duty is given to your House, if you have one.


Being a tradesmen is considered a better life than a farmer, servant, or fisher. There are loosely formed guilds within the duchies, that span across political divisions. It is fairly easy to get around the guilds, if one desires, but there are advantages to getting on a guild’s good side as well.


Algalon has a diverse pantheon akin to Greek or Norse mythology. Generally, the Gods act as a family, and their work done on earth reflects that comradery. The exception is the Mad God Xatec, who has darkened the Second Moon Ael, and who has sent anger, death, and madness to the world. Clergymen are treated with respect, but like Knights, must pledge their loyalty to the Church, and not to a House or Duchy.


Algalon does not follow basic gender guidelines. Each region and independent realm treats men and women differently. Calindrost allows women in the army and navy but not to rule politically. Women can hold high positions within the Church, especially female deities. Women and men can hold master positions of trade. However, most family lines are passed down exclusively on the male side, and a noble with no male heirs will find his line in trouble if he cannot negotiate an adoption.


There is no magic that you are aware of, either religious or arcane.


The day is roughly as long as an earth day, but a year is approximately one month shorter. Times of the day consist of the same hours everywhere, but different Realms has different durations of each hour. There are 13 months, 12 months of 3, 9 day weeks and a 13th month of 12 days, called the Week of the Gods.


Individual Realms offer teachings to their citizens to advance the interests of the House or Realm.


Each area, as an effect of style and ethos, develops certain tendencies and tricks to help them in their craft and profession.

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