House Bittle is an old house that set up in Smuggler’s Cove long before Calindrost, or even House Calinda existed. Smuggler’s Cove was originally a place where people who needed to avoid the eye of the Talnathean Empire could embark and disembark in Algalon. House Bittle rose to prominence when House Leonis freed Algalon of Talnathean control, by providing a free port that was used to smuggle in weapons, supplies, and troops used to surprise the Southern garrison and prevented them from reaching Sterline. House Bittle’s love/hate relationship with the law has kept them from ever rising much further.


Baroness Jane Bittle, Baroness of Smuggler’s Cove. Baroness Jane is a young woman, too young to be ruling a Barony, but her agreement to the wedding between Calinda and Caroline Bittle was seen as a master stroke for her, removing a potential rival, an embarrassment, and rising from an Earldom to a Barony.

Lord Consort Dravin Val’Pembroke. Lord Dravin is the Baroness’ lover and leads the military of Smuggler’s Cove, such as it is. He is a friendly man, with a love of music and art.

Lord Captain Donnell Bittle. Jane’s cousin, Captain Donnell was the heir to the Barony until Lady Sapphron reached majority. He is most content at sea and currently leads the navy of Smuggler’s Cove.

Lady Sapphron Bittle. Jane’s younger sister. Lady Sapphron is a young woman of 17 years. She is a stunning beauty, but rarely makes an appearance at any feasts or functions. You have heard that she is deeply thoughtful, and wishes to join the Church, but that Baroness Bittle will not allow her to, since the value of her marriage is great.

Baronet Phillip Bittle is one of Baroness Jane’s children and currently serves in the Calindrost Military. You saved his life in the Duke’s Training Grounds and he is grateful to you.


House Bittle is a vassal of Calinda. It maintains strong relationships with House Karle, due to their mutual desire to avoid Leonis taxes, and with House Pembroke. It is currently at war with House Stephan. It maintains a cool, if cordial relationship with the Elves of Bylin’thal.

House Dufton is a vassal of Bittle.

Relationship to You

House Bittle is indebted to you for your actions in the Duke’s Training Grounds. You do not know if that indebtedness will overcome your current status as an enemy of the state.

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