House Boothe is a minor House that somehow found themselves as rulers of an independent realm. House Boothe were a merchant house that kept a strong trading house on the road between Sterline and Bayside, which eventually accrued enough money and power to form a lasting house.

In 820 P.T., House Boothe was given major House status by being raised from an Earldom to a Duchy when they joined the Kingdom of Pembroke.


Duke Gerald Boothe, Duke of Booth. Duke Gerald is a young ruler, but has a keen eye for numbers and has increased Boothe’s financial holdings.

Lady Katlyn Boothe nee Pembroke. The Duke’s young wife, she is a plain-looking woman who is wickedly intelligent.

Duklet Marius Boothe. The child Heir-Apparent currently lives with his grandfather in Bayside.


House Boothe is considered a weak and easily manipulated house, and so has a good relationship with the houses around it, but only in that they are an easily used pawn.

Relationship to You

House Boothe is unaware of your existence


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