Han sits on the northern side of the River of Gold and directly east of Sterline. To the west are the lands of Malte and the south is the Duchy of Varte. Northwest is the vast territory of Erihurst, and northeast is Booth. Han is among the smallest independent Realms in Algalon.

Ruling Family

The matriarchal House of Sapphyn has ruled Han since its creation.


Han trades primarily in two commodities. It is the heart of information within Algalon, holding the Library of Algalon and a collection of the greatest innovators and artists. To the north of the capital, Intelline are large vineyards, which produce wines which provide considerable wealth to the province. Han is known to treat their serfs and peasants well.

Places of Interest


Intelline, in the province of Traveller’s Rest, is the capital of Han, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in all of Algalon. It is the home to House Sapphyn, and the home of the Library Church, the head of the Church of Intin. It is rests along the waters of the River of Gold and controls river traffic in that area.

Kirsten’s Vineyard

This is a large area stretching west of Intelline that is the heart of the wine industry. It is also a popular retreat for nobles and other dignitaries who want to be away from their city life.

Fort Dearborn

Fort Dearborn is the headquarters of Han’s military and sits at an important crossroads north of the River of Gold, connecting Sterline with the cities to its northwest.


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