Kingdom of Pembroke


In 819 P.T. Duchess Olga Odronic, ruled of the Northern Marches, was killed in a viscous battle with Hill Trolls of the Borderlands. Seizing the opportunity, Duke Richard Pembroke of Bayside quickly dealt with the heir-apparent, Evan Odronic who happened to be visiting Bayside City. Evan, close friends with the Sealord Vincent Pembroke, was convinced that the Northern Marches were financially unstable and that a strong alliance with Bayside was necessary.

Under the auspices of forming an alliance, Duke Pembroke and the still untitled Evan Odronic moved a sizeable force into Booth. There, they “asked” House Boothe and Earl Gerald Boothe to join in their alliance. The Earless, Lady Katlyn Boothe who was a Pembroke to the core, helped ease the transition.

It was then that the Kingdom was announced. Evan Odronic was given trade routes south, and a promise of financial support for the important armies of the Northern Marches, and Earl Boothe was allowed to keep his lands. By the summer of 820 P.T. Duke Pembroke was named as King Richard Pembroke the FIrst.

Ruling Family

The Kingdom is ruled by Royal House Pembroke.


Those three realms formed the basis of the Kingdom.


The most important and powerful of the three provinces, Bayside City became the capital of the Kingdom and remained the seat of Pembroke power.

Northern Marches

The military strength of Pembroke, The Duchy of the Northern Marches remained intact after the creation of the Kingdom.


Booth was raised from a quaint Earldom into a Duchy as part of the alliance formed into a Kingdom. Booth was immediately filled with defensive positions to pressure Sterline.

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Kingdom of Pembroke

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