Leyovia sits east of the Borderlands and the Northern Marches and north of Fallin’Thal. It has no ports along the Bay of Sarat, but contains multiple ports on the Wide Ocean. It is the realm that is furthest north and furthest east, and is very isolated from the other realms.

Ruling Family

House Pepis controls the Realm of Leyovia.


Leyovia is almost entirely a fishing and mercantile land. Trade houses dot the shores and fishermen are more common than farmers. There is some farming along the coast, but the frequent flooding makes high yields difficult. There has also recently been renewed farming, now that relationships with the Elves is normalizing.

Points of Interest

Crystal Coast

The Crystal Coast is the capital of Leyovia. The beauty of its beaches rivals the gardens of the City of Flowers in Galah. Its houses, brightly colored, are built upon stilts, making the city feel tall and grand.


The area around Fallin’Thal is called Oaklock, after they were locked out of the oaken forests by the Elves, damaging their ability to build ships.

Greencliffe Castle

Though not technically within Leyovia, it is under the control of House Pepis. Greencliffe castle sits high atop a cliff that rests on the southernmost tip of Fallin’Thal, and commands a highly advantageous view of the Bay of Sarat.

The Ruins of the Sea

This weather-beaten church serves as the symbolic head of the Church of Algatha. The near constant flooding and howling winds make it difficult to have it be anything more than a place for rituals, and the housing and administration is carried out in the Crystal Coast.

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