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Lords of the River of Gold

This page will serve as the primary tool to refresh your memory on characters, plot points, and places. I will add information as it becomes available to you.

Hero’s Moot

The Lords and Heroes you have met at Hero’s Moot and the information you know about them.


This section will list current information that contains characters, organizations, or concepts that are important to the current Chapter.


This lists your current contracts or assignments that have been accepted.


This lists the current rumors you are aware of.

New Changes

This section will contain new areas that may be of interest to the players. Information will stay in this section for roughly a month before moving to its home section.


This will list former characters of importance and their relationship to you.


This is the World as you know it. Algalon is a northern, temperate continent of the World. You know of the existence of a southern continent Du’Lag, where the heart of the Talnathean Empire is.

Church Followers Houses Realms House Rules

Main Page

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