House Odronic is a house of indigenous people who have moved south of the Borderlands from the north. The House is generally pockmarked and unattractive based on some kind of family disease that is said to be the result of a plague north of the Borderlands. This physical appearance has led them to be a militaristic House.

In 820 P.T., House Odronic allied with House Pembroke to form the Kingdom of Pembroke.


x – Duchess Olga Odronic, the Duchess of the Northern Marches. Duchess Olga is a hideous woman to behold. Missing an eye, and built like the mountain itself, she radiates strength and that strength is reflected in the trust her people have for her. She is now deceased after a battle with Trolls in 819 P.T.

Lord Baron Evan Odronic ne Bittle. Lord Evan was a young son of House Bittle, and left the house to pursue adventure in the wildlands of the North. He is attractive and charming, with a quick sword and a quick laugh.

Duke Evan Odronic, the Second. Duke Evan the Younger is the first son of late Duchess Olga and ceded the independence and sovereignty of the Northern Marches to ally with Bayside and the Kingdom of Pembroke. He currently leads the armies of the Northern Marches.

Madam Ellen de’Odronic. Madam Ellen is a Knight-Lieutenant in the Order of the Hawk.


House Odronic is minor among the Major Houses. It was dependent upon House Pepis for trade, but has opened trade routes to Bayside which has strengthened its position in the world.

The House has a poor relationship with the Elves of Fallin’Thal.

Relationship to You

House Odronic is unaware of your existence.

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