House Pepis is a sea-faring House that is set apart from the other Houses in the Realm of Leyovia. Pepis is made up of a group of many different cultures including people from the Talnathean Empire the Raiders of the Islands, and the indigenous populations. Pepis came to power through its control of shipping concerns.


Lady Captain Josephine Pepis, Captain of the Realm. The Captain is a hard woman who runs the Realm like the deck of a ship, unattractive and unappealing she is treated with respect by those who respect the sea, but has a hard time dealing with other Houses.

Lord Heath Pepis ne Sapphyn. Lord Heath is the husband of Josephine and has improved the stewardship of the land and the relations with the Elves of Fallin’Thal, the Forest of Deer.

Baron Brady Pepis, the Baron of Southcoast and Lord of Crystal. Baron Bardy is the brother of Captain Josephine and has all the charm and looks that she lacks.


There is begrudging respect for House Pepis based on their control of shipping, but there is also a rumor that part of that control comes from secret deals with the pirates of the Bay of Sarat.

House Pepis has the best relationship with the Elves of Fallin’Thal.

Relationship to You

House Pepis is unaware of your existence.

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