House Sapphyn is another old house, stemming from the Talnathean Empire. Lady Sappora was an advisor to the Governor of Sterline and became the founder of Intelline when it was built to house the Library of Algalon. The House has ruled Intelline and Han ever since.

House Sapphyn is the only house which is strictly a matriarchy.


Lady Eva Sapphyn, the Lady of Han. An elderly, but still beautiful woman who is known for her love of language and for her aggressive seeking of alliances. Sometimes refereed to as Sovereign Eva.

Lord William Sapphyn ne Holy. The Lord Consort of Lady Eva, Lord William is the brother of the Head of the House of Holy, Brother Zacharias. He is deeply religious and a loving husband to Lady Eva.

Lady Beatrice Sapphyn, the Heiress of Han. Lady Beatrice is the heir-apparent to Lady Eva and is currently the Head Mistress of the Library of Algalon.

Lord Franck Sappyhn

Lady Sara Sapphyn

Madame Andrea De’Sapphyn. A Knight of the Order of the Sword, and formerly a Knight Lieutenant of the Order of the Deer.


You know little of the politics of Sapphyn, other than that they are well respected and you know of no one who is their enemy.

Relationship to you

House Sapphyn is unaware of your existence.

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