Sterline is located in the delta of the River of Gold. It is easily the largest Realm in terms of population, though it is the smallest in area. Sterline opens out on the east to the Bay of Sarat. To its south lies Galah. To the west, along the River of Gold is Han to the north. North of Sterline is Booth. Sterline has the most commanding location, and is the dominant political force in Algalon. It was built by the Talnathean Empire as its original settlement along the river.

Sterline is also unique in that there is no overland access to the city. All access to the inside of the city is on the river.

Ruling Family

House Leonis rules Sterline.


Sterline keeps fields and agriculture, enough to feed itself. It’s primary economy comes from trade up and down the River of Gold. Any ship entering or leaving the River must pay taxes to Sterline.

Points of Interest

Sailor’s Quarter

The City of Sterline is built into 4 quarters of which this is one. The Sailor’s Quarter contains the large docks and prominent administrative offices that create the beaurocratic nightmare of Sterline’s harbor offices. The Sailor’s Quarter also houses the Church of the Dead, a large mausoleum that serve as the burial grounds for Algalon and serves s the residence of the priests worshiping The Keeper. This quarter sits on the eastern side of the southern shore.

Sleeping Quarter

To the west of the Sailor’s Quarter are the homes and shops for the serfs and low-class tradesmen of Sterline. This is the area where most people who live in the city sleep. Unlike other poor sleeping areas, this area is well-patrolled and well organized. Several barracks are located within this Quarter to ensure that order is maintained. The Church of Love, for followers of Billinton, is located here.

Merchant’s Quarter

Across the river from the Sleeping Quarter, and connected by a large, tall bridge for trade and traffic, called the Emperor’s Bridge, is the Merchant’s Quarter. This quarter is the upper class section of town. The best inns and trade houses are located here. Many of the homes maintain fences and have private guards, which means that there is little trouble in this district. This district currently holds a collective which calls themselves a Smith’s Guild.

Palace Quarter

To the east of the Merchant’s Quarter, and raised above the Sailor’s Quarter to the south of it, is Castle Sterline and the Palace. Originally built for Emperor Talnath’s purposes, the Castle, since renamed, is a grand structure, built for beauty and defense. The rest of the Quarter is made up of housing for nobles and large military complexes. Access to the Palace Quarter is highly restricted. the border between the Merchant’s Quarter and the Palace Quarter houses the Church of the Hearth, glorifying Silloc.

Outlying Lands

Sterline is fed and served from several suburban farming communities. These communities range from seedy to upscale and people often stay in inns or houses that dot the docks around the city. Passage into Sterline is only available from these docks.

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