Talnathean Empire

The Talnathean Empire, founded by the Great Emperor Talnath was the dominant nation in Algalon and Du’Lag for a millennium.


Since the death of Talnath, the Empire has slowly receded. At it’s height, recorded in 213 P.T. it stretched to all four corners of Du’Lag, possessed the lands south of the River Darme, and had settled the areas around Sterline and Intelline, in Han.

Once the Emperor died, the Empire began its descent. By 400 P.T., the Empire had lost Holdsfast, the Northern Islands, and port cities along the west coast of the Thousand Kingdoms. In 502 P.T., Sterline and Intelline freed themselves from Talnath. And by 550 P.T., the last vestiges of the Empire had been removed from cities and Realms of Algalon. Now, embroiled in Civil War, the Empire struggles to maintain its position of power.

Ruling Family

It is said that the descendents of Talnath still struggle over the throne. You have heard that there were many descendents.


The Talnathean Empire still occasionally sends a taxman to Algalon, attempting to assert its power. They are generally sent away.

Relationship to You

The Talnathean loves all of its subjects, but they don’t know you all by name.

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Talnathean Empire

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