Tarc is the first-born son of Tallif and Shallac. He is the Warrior of the Gods, and has pledged to be their sword in times of war, whether they wish it or not. Tarc and Tallif are constantly at odds, Tallif’s pacifism against Tarc’s belief that defense must sometimes take violent form. Tarc is married to Intin, who agrees that the sword is sometimes necessary, but helps him to see when. Tarc is generally depicted as a bare-chested warrior, with a huge two-handed claymore, and flowing blond hair.


The Warrior
The God of Battle
The God of Strength
The Disappointment
The Sword

Church of Battle

In Erihurst’s capitals of Godshill, a rude, spartan barracks serves as the head of the Church of Tarc. The administrative offices are in a larger building nearby, but the heart of the church is within the barracks and training ground, where priests or other adherents practice their weapon skill.

Clerics of Tarc

Clerics of Tarc are found embedded within the military, leading small groups of soldiers in blessing the army or in training. They are generally stoic outside of battle and ferocious within. A follower of Tarc wears a pendant akin to Tallif’s, but the sword is complete, and an unsheathed dagger at their belt. Clerics of Tarc of Priests of the All Father are liable to argue.

The Bishop of Tarc is an elderly man who is genial and appears softer than a person would expect a Cleric of Tarc to act.


Tarc’s primary virtue is Honesty.
His secondary virtues are Integrity and Sacrifice.
His vice is Cruelty.

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