House Venis is a fairly new House, installed in the Territory of Erihurst by members of the Order of the Gryffon and the Order of the Bear to protect the peasants who had moved north to feed the Orders. The House was made out of a marriage between a Knight of Gryffon and a Knight of the Bear.


General Antonius Venis, Lord General of Erihurst. General Antonius is a brilliant tactician who was the first born son of the first General of Erihurst. He retired from a life of consultation with the Order of the Sword to rule Erihurst when his mother died.

Lady Wilhema Venis nee Holy. Lady Wilhema is a former Sister of the Blade, clerics of Tarc, the God of Battle and is the sister of Zacharias of the House of Holy.


You know nothing of the politics of House Venis.

Relationship to You

House Venis is unaware of your existence.


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